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From the desk of Dan Ashendorf

Dear Ambitious Marketer,

It’s a sad fact that most marketers are forced to go back to their day jobs after 3 months or less.

Quite simply – most don’t “survive” as marketers for any period of time.

They start their online journey with big dreams.

They invest in a website...

...spend money and time on a blog...

...dabble with an online store.

But when push comes to shove, they don’t make enough to give them the income they require to support themselves and their families.

Making a full time
income online is tough!

There is a lot of competition out there...

With many others vying for the same market share, they struggle.

Still, they watch as other marketers make 6, 7 or even 8 figures, every year, like clockwork.

What’s the difference?

What makes one succeed, and the other fail?

My Story

One year into my affiliate marketing career, my business was in deep crisis.

I had built a small list, and I was doing my best to earn money from it.

I did everything “by the book”.

I mailed every day.

I built a relationship with my subscribers.

I was “adding value”.

But my business was going nowhere, and I was earning close to nothing.

Then I made a discovery that was going to change my career.

Here is what I learned.

The Essence of Marketing

Most people starting in the industry don’t understand what marketing is really about.

They forget the first rule.

They neglect the fact that people make decisions based on their emotions.


The list of reasons for why people purchase is long.

Understand that - and you're "in the money".

This is where the average marketer goes wrong

What most marketers do is to follow the herd.

They launch product after product...

Try paid ads (until their money runs out)

Post in forums.

They use social media.

Some might eventually manage to build a small list.

You’ve built a small list – now what?

The average marketer will then send offer after offer to his newly acquired list.

He goes shallow...

...picking off low hanging fruit...

...skimming his newly acquired assets...

Slashing and burning.

The more money he needs, the more offers he sends.

Very soon the list has gone cold.

They’ve had enough of being bombarded with sales offers.

It’s now time for another launch.

Another paid campaign.

The “cold” list needs replenished.

For now the money has stopped coming in – as suddenly as it started.

There are always excuses

The list of excuses is always long.

It’s the auto-responder’s fault, for not delivering emails to the inbox.

Its Gmail’s fault – their new algorithm is sending his emails to spam.

It’s the subscriber’s fault – they wouldn’t know a good offer if it hit them in the face.

There are many excuses for tanking affiliate commissions.

Maybe life as an internet marketer isn’t all it’s cracked to be.

Suddenly that day job doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.

What smart marketers do

They don’t mail like crazy, slashing and burning their list to try and get fast cash.

Smart marketers add value to their promotions.

They mail less – but every promotion is full of value.

They treat their asset – their list – with respect.

It's all about the Value, dummy

The single best way to add value...

A way that is universally accepted by those marketers who dominate leader boards...

Run profitable promotions...

And dominate their industry.

Is through the addition of bonuses to their campaigns.

High quality, brimming with content and packaged with attractive graphics.

Good bonuses added to promotions are the single most important factor in increasing sales.

One recent study showed a 247% in results when offering bonuses – as opposed to not offering them  - see below
With higher conversions – there is no need to mail too often.

With fewer mails comes a more responsive list.

Better inboxing.

It’s the difference between succeeding... and failing.

Where to get bonuses from

You can write your own products – but that takes a lot of time and energy.

You can use PLR material  – but they often have low quality graphics which everyone uses to send to their lists.

NOW there is another way.

Introducing BONUS MONKEY

Bonus Monkey is a member’s area with high quality, new bonuses added regularly.

The site includes original high quality graphics that can be cut and pasted into page builders to give an expensive, value packed feel to any promotion.

With 20 new bonuses added every month, your conversions – and income – will soar.

What is the value of such a service?

It’s almost impossible to quantify how much the service is worth.

Having leading edge bonuses has helped me top affiliate leaderboards for years, with results like these:
How do you quantify financial freedom?

Successful affiliates also attract affiliates to their own launches.

It’s a virtuous cycle.

Being able to sell products makes an affiliate a “super star”.

And with this status comes significant financial success.

But there has to be a value...

You can make a few hundred dollars per promotion... or a few thousand.

(Some marketers make much more).

Most marketers promote between 2-3 products a week.

Creating these original designs made individually costs between $40-50 per design.

That’s a value of $800 per month.

The page creator alone is currently selling for $67 a month.

 What’s included inside the members area?

You’ll receive 20 bonuses every month  – including  original, beautifully crafted graphics.

This is a perfect solution for loading your bonuses – and starting to earn today.

Adding high quality bonuses literally catapulted my earnings overnight.

Bonus Monkey is available now at a huge discount!

I want as many people as possible to avail themselves of this great opportunity, and so I’ve kept the offer super low at $9.95 a month.

If you want to leave for any reason – no hard feelings – just email me and I’ll cancel your account.
Bonus Monkey Members Area

That's not all!

I've arranged for special action takers discount

All bonuses below are from the

Bonus Monkey Members Area!

Another real life testimonial


Bonus Monkey has a 30 day Money Back Guarantee - if you are not happy with the product, just write to us and we will     refund the product, no questions asked

F. A. Q.

Q  Can I cancel anytime?
Yes you can!  There is no contract in place so just send us an email and we will cancel your account.
Will I receive full access from Day One?
Yes you will!  You can access all sections of the members area when you become a full member.

How many bonuses will  receive?
You will receive 20 bonuses every month
Are there any additional charges? 
Absolutely not. The monthly fee includes all the graphics and bonus material. Enjoy!
Are your graphics really original?
Yes they are!  Our in house designer took care of that.

Can I resell the bonuses?
No, they are for personal use only
Bonus Monkey Members Area

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